New London Sports Complex Development


The City of New London wanted to create a community sports complex that its 1,900+ residents could enjoy. The hope was to offer a place where people of all ages would gather to participate in or enjoy a sporting event or concert.
The City had identified a potential parcel of land for construction of a sports complex, but it needed help envisioning and creating a framework to visualize potential development of the property. With residential buildings framing one side of the site, the city wanted to better understand what features and amenities would fit – and where?


Shive-Hattery began by meeting with different stakeholders across the city, including school representatives, community members, and city employees, to listen to their requests and ideas. The City of New London knew it wanted a master plan that offered multi-use sports fields, ample parking, and a central gathering spot (such as a gazebo or amphitheater).
A survey was conducted on the selected parcel of land, which was a farm field with flat slopes and drainage way through the property. Environmental impacts of the potential complex were evaluated, along with impacts to the community and adjacent properties, site circulation, and stormwater management considerations. The project also included evaluating the amount of site grading that would be required to give the city the type of complex it wanted.
Multiple master-plan concepts were developed for the City of New London’s feedback and review, along with cost options and potential timelines for each option. The color-rendered master plans included a splash pool, ponds/basins, two tennis courts, a skateboard park, a basketball court, a baseball diamond, a recreation trail, restroom facilities, a pavilion, parking lots, and landscaping. 
Shive-Hattery helped the City of New London turn a blank slate into a well-executed site analysis and master plan to create a foundation for a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive approach to a new community sports complex.


With a limited amount of space to work with, and one side of the potential property lined with residential homes, the City of New London now understands its options for positioning as many amenities within the sports complex as possible to give community members a place to gather, stay active, and enjoy sporting events.
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