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Prestonwood Christian Academy Athletic Facility Improvements


Prestonwood Christian Academy’s baseball team had a beautiful grandstand that offered an exciting fan experience, but the athletes were still playing on an old synthetic turf infield and a worn-out natural-grass outfield.
Because baseball is a spring sport in Texas, weather sometimes prevented the Lions from getting out onto the field as early in the season as they desired. The field was also heavily used, without much time for recovery. Once the baseball season is over each year, the field is rented to community sports teams throughout the summer.
Prestonwood Christian Academy was drawn to the possibility of a new synthetic turf field to reduce the potential for weather cancellations and decrease maintenance expenses despite constant use. A synthetic turf surface provides consistent ball bounce.


As a $2.3 million design-build effort with UBU Sports, this baseball field conversion from natural to synthetic included new collegiate-level, in-ground dugouts made of concrete with single restrooms; in addition to a coaches office within the home dugout; fencing modifications including new netting along the first-base line; and new bullpens and padding. It also involved the design of a batter’s eye, which allows the batter to see a pitched ball against a dark, uncluttered background to promote safety.
Shive-Hattery provided master planning for an elevated plaza area behind the third-base dugout as well. This space is used for large events, giving fans more room to spread out as they watch a game.


The Prestonwood Lions now have a field that’s just as nice as the grandstand enjoyed by spectators. With new synthetic turf that offers consistent ball bounce, the team gets an earlier start on the baseball season without tearing up the field. The school can also confidently rent out the field all summer long, knowing it will stand up to whatever activities or sporting events take place.

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