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University of Iowa Baseball Improvements


In 2012 the University of Iowa Baseball facilities ranked near the bottom of Big Ten Schools. Recruiting and team performance had started to slide. An ongoing revision to the campus master plan had yet to decide if the field would stay located in its current spot of valuable real estate along the Universities front door or be relocated. The hiring of a new baseball coach gave new focus to the program and plans for new facilities became more immediate.


The new facilities were phased over two seasons first focusing on design and installation of a synthetic turf infield with an irrigated natural Grass outfield. The following summer after the completion of the fall baseball season design, installation began on a synthetic turf outfield, a new batters eye and an 8' tall fence with 4" high impact foam padding. In addition, new ball pens were installed on both home and visitor sides. New synthetic turf was installed within the batting cages to complete the project.


In 2015 after final completion, the Iowa Baseball team had its best season in almost 25 years. The new facilities have helped improve the recruiting class move Iowa up the list in Big Ten baseball.  
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