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Benton Community School District Athletic Improvements


A worn-out, dated stadium in the Benton Community School District was preventing student athletes from performing at their peak – and preventing fans from experiencing an enjoyable sporting event. The stadium’s bleachers were old and uncomfortable, and didn’t provide enough seating capacity. The restrooms weren't adequate for the fan base, causing congestion and long lines. The competition football field and track were both overused and weren’t meeting the needs of the district’s various varsity sports teams, PE classes, or marching band competitions.


To bring the district’s athletic facilities up to today’s current standards, multiple planning sessions were held with the Benton Community School District.
A new synthetic multi-purpose field was designed to be used as often as necessary by each varsity sports team, marching bands, and PE classes. Extensive drainage systems manage rainfall and move water away from the field. The existing eight-lane track was also removed and replaced, incorporating a synthetic track surface.
Seating capacity in the stadium doubled from 1,000 to 2,000, providing more room for Bobcats fans and visitors. The existing restrooms were renovated and brought up to current standards, and two new restroom facilities were also added, along with a storage building and two ticket booths. A new concession area was planned around specific booster club requirements, including space to display products and make transactions. The new storage facility was designed to meet the needs of each sports team in various seasons of play.
To help community members take advantage of the track year-round, a push-button timer lets users turn on a fraction of the track lights for ample visibility and security levels after dark – without brightly illuminating the entire facility. The lights are programmed to turn off automatically after a specified period of time.
A gated archway and landscaped plaza with limestone seating connects the parking lot and walkways to Benton Community School District’s athletic facilities, welcoming fans and giving them a place to gather before, during and after games.


Benton Community School District’s athletic improvements allow almost twice as many people to enjoy games and events in the sports complex. Upgrades were designed for the needs of various district sports teams; the synthetic multi-purpose field holds up to constant use without the need for rest in between games or practices.
These improvements have also given community members a safe place to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, even after dark.
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