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Iowa City Schools West High Soccer Field


Iowa City West High School is proud of its highly competitive varsity soccer team. The Trojans are consistent state qualifiers, but their soccer fields couldn’t keep up with the caliber of the program. The practice fields weren’t conducive to competition, and the main competition field inside the track wasn’t large enough. The Trojans had also been dealing with rainouts, practice cancellations, and delays due to standing water on the field.

The Iowa City West High School soccer team needed an oversized competition field that would allow for ample practice space and stand up to less-than-perfect weather conditions.


Working solely with money raised by the Iowa City West Soccer Community through fundraising efforts, Shive-Hattery cost-effectively converted the existing small soccer field into an oversized, 240-foot-wide competition field.

The natural grass field with built-in irrigation and drainage was designed to bench into an existing hillside after grading was complete. Because of the steep grades near the field, a custom-designed soccer net system was installed to control the soccer balls.

The top few inches of the field’s soil was replaced with sand, creating a sand cap to improve drainage. This allows water to penetrate the natural grass quickly, draining down to the sand base to help alleviate rainouts. The sand cap also allows for a flatter soccer field, which offers a faster game pace.

A new bleacher system, team benches, scoreboards, and field lighting were also designed by Shive-Hattery, along with the relocation of the soccer field’s access drive. 


The Iowa City West High School soccer field now reflects the Trojans’ consistently high level of athletic talent. The varsity soccer team’s new oversized competition field gives the team what it was looking for: an impressive natural grass field that provides ample practice space.

With a sand cap in place, standing water on the field is no longer an issue. Practice and competition can now be held without delays or cancellations due to rain.
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