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Linn-Mar Excelsior Middle School Tennis Courts


The tennis program at Linn-Mar Excelsior Middle School was attracting more student athletes, but it struggled to manage a team that had no tennis courts of its own. To make due, the middle school tennis team was practicing and competing at the tennis courts located at the nearby high school and the districts other middle school.
As the team grows, Linn-Mar Excelsior Middle School wanted to have dedicated tennis courts for the teams and fans to enjoy. Space was limited, however, so it was vital to find a location that wouldn’t interfere with the existing baseball field or the open green space used as a practice area by the football team.


Several options for tennis court placement were developed and presented to the Linn-Mar Community School District by Shive-Hattery for site approval.
Once the new site was selected and approved – an area adjacent to the middle school parking lot – Shive-Hattery provided surveying and design services, as well as construction document preparation, assistance with bidding, construction staking, and limited construction administration services.
Six new tennis courts were designed (two sets of three courts), allowing Linn-Mar Excelsior Middle School to practice and compete at home. The courts are optimized for ball bounce, speed, and cushioning. Their location and proximity to a nearby parking lot makes the courts easily accessible for fans in wheelchairs.
Because the courts are located near Indian Creek, Shive-Hattery also provided stormwater management services. A stormwater detention system was designed that consists of basins on two sides of the tennis courts; this design accounts for a 100-year storm event and contains the storm water runoff.


With new tennis courts on its own campus, Linn-Mar Excelsior Middle School can finally practice and compete at home. Two sets of three courts allow the school to finish competition before the sun sets.
These new tennis courts also give nearby community members in Marion, Iowa, a place to play tennis when the courts aren’t in use by the school.
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