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North Scott Comm Schl Running Track & Football Field Improvements


The football program at North Scott Community School District was dealing with a field that had a high crown and didn’t drain well. As a result, rain delays and washouts were getting in the way of competition. Dedicated to sticking with a natural grass field, the district wanted to find a way to improve playing conditions without replacing its existing field with synthetic turf.
The football field was also surrounded by a running track, which was worn out and needed to be replaced at the same time.


Shive-Hattery began by replacing the existing running track with a new sandwich track system that combines porous and solid polyurethane surfaces. The long jumps, originally installed inside the track, were relocated to an area outside the track. Two additional double-ended long jumps were also added.
To improve football field drainage, the entire field area was stripped and then regraded with new drainage. The new natural grass field with a four-inch sand cap/peat base provides better drainage and alleviates washouts from heavy rain. It also improves the safety of the playing surface, greatly reducing the potential for athlete injury. A new irrigation system was  installed to provide supplemental water when rainfall amounts aren’t enough to keep the turf healthy.
In addition, Shive-Hattery helped North Scott Community School District establish a plan to gradually create an eight-inch sand cap on the field, which will provide a highlydrainable base to prevent damage to the field during play in wet conditions. By adding approximately one inch of sand/peat mix per year to the field, an eight-inch sand cap can be achieved across a span of four years.


By stripping the existing field and rebuilding the natural grass field the right way, the North Scott Community School District now has a football field that will last for years and stand up to as many events as the district wants to hold.
The football field was awarded the Sports Turf Managers Association’s Football Field of the Year award in 2010, thanks to its versatile design and the project team’s ability to creatively solve the field’s drainage problems.
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