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Pleasant Valley Sports Complex Stadium Upgrades


After the Pleasant Valley Community School District received a large financial donation, it decided to install an oversized synthetic turf field in Spartan Stadium, which is used by the high school soccer and football teams, as well as the marching band. The new field offers a wider playing area, but the synthetic turf encroached into the first two lanes of the existing track. In addition to remedying this problem, Pleasant Valley High School also wanted to expand stadium seating capacity and improve accessibility to the bleachers.


Realizing that these improvements needed to be made to Spartan Stadium by the following school year, the Pleasant Valley Community School District needed help to better understand the options available for a new track, better ADA accessibility, and more seating.
Tasked with creating a master plan for Spartan Stadium, Shive-Hattery presented two options for the complex, including a new running track, lighting relocation, increased seating capacity on the home side, relocation and/or construction of new visitor bleachers, relocation of sidewalks and fencing (due to bleacher and track reconfiguration), adding a new press box on the visitors’ side, relocation of existing memorials, and a new entrance.
Once a design option was selected, Shive-Hattery moved forward with its master plan and provided survey, engineering, and architectural services for the improvements to Spartan Stadium.
Designed to serve as a multi-point entry, the new Spartan Stadium entrance features a donor-recognition area and ticket booth, along with space for fans to gather and catch up before or after games. Fencing was installed around the entire facility and the track.
A new eight-lane, all-weather running track with a sandwich track surface was designed to fit around the existing multi-purpose field without any interference. Designed with a black base mat, a polyurethane wearing surface was then applied to achieve a blue track color that matches Pleasant Valley Community School District’s school colors and nearby Drake University.
The stadium’s lighting system was relocated and upgraded, and new visitor bleachers were installed. ADA-accessible routes lead from the new entrance directly into the stadium for easy admission. A new wheelchair lift was added on the home-bleachers side of the field.


The Pleasant Valley Community School District’s Spartan Stadium is now upgraded from top to bottom to match the quality of its new synthetic turf multi-purpose field, installed a year earlier.
With improved ADA compliance, added seating capacity, a brand new sandwich-surface track, new lighting, and larger, more welcoming entrances, the district is set to showcase the talents of its student athletes to the community for many years to come.
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