Winfield-Mt. Union Community School District Athletic Complex


As a Class 1A school district in Winfield, Iowa, the Winfield-Mt. Union Community School District was in need of a new football stadium, including its first-ever hard-surface running track. The Wolves track team had been making due with a triangle-shaped gravel path, but it was time to invest in an official running surface to place the track team on the same level as the district’s other sports teams.


Shive-Hattery worked closely with the Winfield-Mt. Union Community School District to design a new football stadium that features an eight-lane all-weather track with a half-inch polyurethane running surface. The track area also features shotput and discus pads, as well as landing areas. These updates not only give the Winfield-Mt. Union Wolves their own running track, but also provides a place for the school to host district track events for the first time.
The new football stadium includes a natural grass field with a two-inch sand cap for better drainage to alleviate washouts and delays from heavy rain. The field has an irrigation system to address supplemental water needs. The stadium features home and visitors’ bleachers, a press box, a scoreboard, and new sports lighting as well. 
A new fencing system and a gravel parking lot for bus storage were also provided as part of the stadium upgrades.


Winfield-Mt. Union Community School District’s athletic complex upgrades have provided the entire community with a chance to start new traditions. The investment in the district’s very first hard-surface track opens up fresh opportunities for the school and track team. The football team also made its first playoff appearance in several years, building off of the pride that a new football stadium can provide.
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