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Dining Center Renovation


Constructed in the 1970s, the original dining center for this construction and mining equipment manufacturer was in desperate need of a facelift, as well as an improved design that allowed for better use of the space.

Even though the dining center is open 24/7, available to all three shifts, employees weren’t utilizing the space, or its food and beverage options, to full capacity. The outdated atmosphere kept them at their desks or encouraged them to leave the facility for breaks and meals.


A new dining center design was created that was not only appealing to employees – encouraging them to use the space around the clock for meetings, gatherings, breaks and meals – but also to provide better food-service flow.

Because this manufacturing company employs staff members of all generations, it was important that the design appeal to everyone, regardless of their age or position within the company. Shive-Hattery met with employees at all levels to learn more about what they wanted to see in the space, and how they would use it if it were more comfortable and inviting.

The new dining center design offers a “tech” feel that includes corporate branded custom graphics and an inviting color scheme. Technology- and media-based seating provides easy connection to computers, allowing employees to hold impromptu meetings or charge devices during downtime. Casual seating areas and private booths give staff members a place to take a quick break and escape their work desks. Flexible tables can be moved around to create large or small groups as needed; high-top tables and bar seating provide a place for quick grab-and-go solo lunches.

The updated dining center design also allows food service staff to provide more food and beverage options to employees, with a new kiosk/convenience store that remains open 24/7 with self-checkout stations.


The once-underutilized dining center at this manufacturing company is now being used more than ever for lunches, gatherings, quick meetings and respites from work. Staff members appreciate having a place within the building to go to get away from their desks. All three shifts can now take advantage of the wider variety of food and beverage options without the dining center needing to be staffed for all three shifts.
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