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Grubhub Corporate Headquarters


GrubHub, has grown from a Chicago B2C (Business to Customer) start up in 2004 to a nationwide online food ordering and delivery service company. With success comes rapid growth, from 600 to potentially 1,000 employees, which the Chicago headquarters at the Burnham Center at 111 W. Washington Street needs to accommodate, while creating a workplace that reinforces the Grubhub Culture and supports attracting staff.


The Grubhub world revolves around food, so we created a metaphorical hearth to their home, a staff/guest dining/kitchen, collaboration, & town hall area adjacent to the new main lobby. Add an additional internal restaurant "Slice", a game room and bar, and a roof deck with bar and illuminated furniture results in a workplace where you’ll never go "Hangry"! The interior solution integrated functional and playful environmental graphic design elements throughout that reflect Grubhub Brand and engage their work hard/play hard high energy staff.


The Burnham Center (originally the Conway Building) was the last building designed by Daniel Burnham. Grubhub's commitment to 128,000 sf - 6 floors of new and renovated high tech space continues to contribute to the vitality of this Historic Landmark Building.
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