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RSM Nationwide Tenant Improvements


With locations across 30 U.S. states, RSM standardizes its workplace design to be effective and efficient. Each location is designed to also reinforce the company’s brand with a collaborative community-oriented workplace. At the same time, RSM wants to reflect the unique regional character of each office location to identify with local team members and support staff recruitment and engagement.


Before beginning any RSM workplace project, Shive-Hattery observes and talks to staff to learn how they work, how they interact, and what challenges their current space offers. This process highlights opportunities for efficiencies that can provide more diverse workspaces all employees can share.

Many RSM employees travel frequently and are located for periods of time at their customer offices. In lieu of dedicated workspaces, it’s more efficient to share free address workspaces for the number of staff typically in the office. This efficiency allows more space dedicated to collaborative areas; huddle rooms, conference rooms, and informal gathering areas. These areas also provide alternative workspaces, providing employees with choices about where and how to work, based on the type of task or personal preference.

RSM’s strategy to reduce the number of private offices also supports their commitment to improve collaboration, communication. With offices located internally and workstations along the perimeter it also provides right to daylight for all. Critical to success of this strategy is making sure we increase the number of enclosed spaces to allow for convenient private conversations, calls, conferencing and concentration work.


Shive-Hattery has partnered with RSM to transform office space in cities like Phoenix, Arizona; Irvine and Los Angeles, California; Chicago and Peoria, Illinois; South Bend, Indiana; Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, Iowa; Kansas City, Missouri; Seattle, Washington; and Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

With each workplace design or renovation, Shive-Hattery helps RSM meet its goal of providing employees with choices about where and how to work, whether it’s in a dedicated workspace, a small workroom, or a large gathering area, while reflecting the unique regional character of each office location and matching the company’s corporate culture.
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