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Urschel Laboratories Headquarters


To accommodate more than 100 years of steady growth, becoming a world leader in the design and manufacture of food-cutting machines, Urschel Laboratories expanded its headquarters more than 28 times. But it was time for the company to establish a new, larger global headquarters in northwest Indiana which represented the company’s culture and embrace of technology. Urschel Laboratories wanted a new facility to inspire problem-solving and collaboration while complementing the prairie-influenced environment that surrounded the site.


Corporate offices and product testing space were combined with a new manufacturing plant to create a facility 40% larger than the company’s previous location. With 52,300 square feet of usable space, the new headquarters allows more than 400 Urschel Laboratories employees to work together in the same building. A series of test labs and test kitchens feature a showroom to highlight Urschel food-cutting equipment.

Interior space is organized along a curvilinear wall that extends the full length of the office, forming a “main street” to orient employees and visitors. The office environment incorporates Urschel branding throughout, showcasing food-cutting equipment inventions and company history.

During the design phase, staff members had the opportunity to test different workstation configurations to determine what best met their needs. The workplace design principles that were used strengthen departmental adjacencies and encourage in-person conversation; workstation standards were created based on functional workstyles of employees.


Completed in 2015, the Urschel Laboratories Headquarters building provides a stimulating workplace and state-of-the-art testing and showroom space, reinforcing Urschel Laboratories’ commitment to innovation through knowledge-sharing and collaboration. 
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