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ISU Research Park Tedesco Park


Shive-Hattery led a talented team of consultants to develop a greenbelt park within the ISU Research Park. The goal was to create a green corridor that provided innovative solutions, educational opportunities for streambank restoration and served as an oasis in the center of a growing business park.


A network of trails were developed within the park to link users to the City of Ames regional trail system as well as easily get the surrounding workforce into the heart of the greenbelt. Celebrating the spirit of innovation, Shive-Hattery integrated sustainable building products such as recycled permeable pavements, transforming used shipping containers into shade canopies for resting areas, and solar powered picnic tables that house charging stations for laptops and phones.


Close collaboration with Story County Conservation resulted in the selection of native plant species. These plants were used to create woodland, wetland and prairie areas to assist in stormwater management in the hilly greenbelt and promote cleaner water in the stream corridor. Implementation strategies like this include a sustainable and site-sensitive restoration plan that preserves and enhances ecosystem functions and services, improves public access, and creates new opportunities for recreation and education while demonstrating innovative approaches to stream-bank stabilization.
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