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Mary Greeley MC Landscape and Rooftop Healing Garden


In 2009, Mary Greeley Medical Center embarked on the implementation of a master site and facilities plan which included the addition of 240,000 square feet of new and renovated space with a total project budget of $127M. Key improvements include the addition of a six story patient tower and a three story vertical expansion with an official LEED designation. It was also important to integrate places of refuge and connection to green spaces for patients and staff to promote wellness.


Multiple seating opportunities tucked into gardens and the creation of shade canopies are sprinkled throughout the main ground level. A special destination of the vertical expansion is a rooftop courtyard garden which provides patients, staff, and visitors a place to experience a connection to the natural environment. The courtyard was designed to create interest and evoke the senses while offering pleasant seating opportunities for gathering or private reflection. Raised plant beds create accessible places for visitor’s to experience smells, textures, and colorful displays of flowers. Ornamental grasses swaying in the breeze offers a backdrop sound and movement to the garden experience. As you reach the end of the garden a playground nestled in grass-like play turf has been provided to give young children a place to run and explore and have a break from the challenges of the hospital experience. Other rooftop areas that patients overlook have been covered in living vegetated sedum trays to offer enhanced experiences.


By integrating trees, flowering perennials and shrubs little pockets of a green sanctuaries have been created to promote health and well-being. Studies have shown that just looking at views of nature from a hospital room speed the recovery process and improve overall welfare. Integrating the benefits of nature into the healing process and work environment has become a valued amenity in the new addition.
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