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Spurgeon Manor Assisted Living Landscape


Focused on providing the comforts of home to residents, Spurgeon Manor wanted to expand its continuum of care and offer assisted living in addition to its independent living, long-term care, and skilled nursing services. After working with Shive-Hattery on a master plan and analyzing several design options, Spurgeon Manor led a successful fundraiser and decided to move forward with a new single-story facility that could fit on their current campus. Staff wanted a facility that would support residents in assisted living, with the ability to provide memory care as well. Staff liked the idea of incorporating landscaped courtyards, giving residents safe access to the outdoors to interact and enjoy nature.


As a result, the new facility will offer two outdoor spaces that feature open lawn areas, walking loops and paths, trees and plantings, fully covered seating and water features. A range of private seating and flexible event spaces have been integrated into the design. Many rooms were designed specifically around the courtyard to maximize views and connect residents to the outdoor environment. The facility will have a connection to a nearby bike trail allowing residents access for walks and community trail-users a reprieve in the courtyard from their route.


The courtyard was an exciting feature that assisted in fundraising and sold the vision of the new facility. Once the new Spurgeon Manor facility is complete, near the end of 2019, the organization will be able to offer a complete continuum of care. Designed to offer the comforts of home, residents will be able to enjoy not only the amenities of the facility, but also the safe outdoor courtyards that connect them to nature.
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