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University of Iowa T. Anne Cleary Walkway


The University of Iowa (UI) T. Anne Cleary Walkway is an important pedestrian spine connecting the north residence halls and several important academic and administration buildings to the Pentacrest. The university recognized that the walkway needed improvements to better serve its campus population. The university also had a limited budget to make improvements and needed a solution that provided maximum impact.


Shive-Hattery worked collaboratively with UI Building and Landscape Services to develop a plan that prioritized the creation of ample pedestrian paths, well-placed seating areas, the reestablishment of signature views to the Old Capital building, the implementation of low maintenance plantings, and improved storm water management.


The walkway functions as an open and inviting spine for pedestrian activity. Building entrances have been opened up and re-established as important gathering areas. Native, shade-adapted ground covers and perennials add interest where previously only bare soil existed. A new plaza and seating area was created that provides an outdoor classroom and event space for Blank Honors Center. Now when students, staff, alumni, visitors and prospective students use T. Anne Cleary Walkway, they are greeted by an open, inviting space.
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