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Our energy services are all about helping clients create strategic energy master plans to achieve their financial, economic, and environmental goals while also reducing their operations costs. The last decade of technology growth raised the bar in terms of what’s truly achievable with building performance. We can walk you step-by-step through your options and create a plan to document your energy usage, better manage utility purchases, improve operations, maintain expected performance levels, and measure progress.

Energy efficiency isn’t a new idea – but technology has drastically changed how building energy use can be measured, monitored, managed, controlled, and automated. Is your building aging? Yes – because every building ages. And as building systems age, they become less efficient, require more maintenance, and are less dependable. There are opportunities for any facility, regardless of age, type, or size, to improve short-term and long-term building operations and reduce associated costs.

Shive-Hattery specializes in creating step-by-step, customized energy plans that identify:

  • How to improve efficiency of building equipment and systems
  • Ways to reduce energy demand
  • Ways to save money and reduce utility usage
  • Strategies to pursue for utility procurement
  • How to finance energy projects
We can identify low-hanging fruit – easy, inexpensive changes that make immediate impact – as well as prepare you for projects that may require a capital investment.

Our holistic process includes energy retrofits, energy audits, monitoring and tracking, benchmarking, utility bill analysis, and building energy modeling to help you apply real-world, practical methods to improve building systems. Working with Shive-Hattery helps your facilities perform at the highest, most efficient levels possible.

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