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Energy Retrofits

Bob Furgeson, PE, CEM, GBE, CBCP, CEA, Energy Services Market Leader
Bob Furgeson, PE, CEM
Energy Services Market Leader
As the Energy Services Market Leader at Shive-Hattery, I help my clients learn about the value of sustainable energy performance and the resulting environmental and economic benefits. I enjoy exploring the opportunities in integrated, sustainable, high performance building design and influencing building performance through the use of strategic energy analysis.

I grew up raising food crops and livestock on the farm while caring for the environment. These values helped to shape my education becoming an agricultural engineer and mechanical engineer. My diverse background and experience has given me a broad base of knowledge to draw from in support of my clients goals. My clients are looking for practical, economic and environmental solutions in their building designs along with solutions that provide a return on their investment. These goals are not mutually exclusive. Making this into a reality for my clients is extremely rewarding because I see them be successful and I enjoy being a part of their success.

Our clients are focused on running their organization, whether that means caring for patients, educating students, manufacturing products, or protecting citizens. There’s barely time left in the day to think about implementing energy-efficiency improvements and retrofits to reduce operating costs. You’ve got the energy basics down (and if you don’t, we can help). How do you move to the next level, making impactful changes that will provide savings and benefits for the next several years so you can get back to focusing on your most important priorities?

As compared to new buildings, existing buildings – not surprisingly – account for the majority of energy consumed in the building sector because of the magnitude of existing structures. Shive-Hattery can help you take a look at the bigger picture, finding ways to retrofit your facilities to reduce capital and operating costs, decrease energy consumption, and improve environmental impact. We’ll map out the energy retrofits that should happen first due to potential savings, overall impact, and equipment age and performance; we’ll also create a plan for energy retrofits that can be phased over several years, allowing you to make energy-efficiency improvements during necessary end-of-life equipment replacement.

In many cases, we can identify energy retrofits that solve many problems at once while also providing continuous cost savings. Window replacement is a simple example: Replacing old, inefficient windows with new windows can improve a building’s structural integrity, increase occupant comfort levels, decrease heating and cooling loads, reduce the need for artificial lighting, enhance HVAC system performance and lengthen equipment lifecycle, reduce noise from the outdoors, and even improve security if the windows are blast resistant. Once your energy retrofit is complete, Shive-Hattery puts a monitoring and maintenance strategy in place to make sure it continues to perform as intended.

A building doesn’t have to be new to be energy efficient. Energy retrofits are a cost-effective way to improve sustainability by paying for improvements through energy savings that occur over time. Energy retrofits also play a much larger role in sustainability, going beyond your individual building’s performance to help reduce your community’s overall energy demand, increase energy security, lower greenhouse-gas emissions, increase property value, and improve occupant satisfaction levels.

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