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Annawan Lathrop Road Phase 1 & 2


As part of its 633 acre Commercial and industrial park the Village of Annawan, Illinois, needed help identifying potential roadways, lot layouts showing acreage sizes, and potential land-use designations for the site.
As part of this project, a new access road was needed. Named Patriot Way Road, the access road needed to cross two streams; the Village of Annawan was looking for a fast, economical way to handle this challenge. 


As part of the master plan for the Commercial and Industrial Park, Shive-Hattery determined that two concrete box culverts designed to allow heavy vehicle traffic were the best solution to cross Gradett Ditch and Annawan Ditch. This would allow water to flow underneath from one side to the other while supporting large trucks and equipment. After completing a study to verify the appropriate size for the box culverts, Shive-Hattery designed and prepared structure plans and quantities.
One of the culverts is a double concrete box culvert with cells 12 feet wide and 9 feet tall with T-type wingwalls. The other culvert is a single 12-foot-wide by 4-foot-tall concrete box culvert with horizontal wingwalls. Both concrete box culverts are engineered to withstand design volumes of water and vehicle loading conditions.


With land-use areas designated for industrial, retail/commercial, and other business development, The Annawan Industrial and Commercial now has an access road with durable concrete box culverts that can withstand large equipment and vehicle traffic. The access road is a key part of the industrial park, which is situated at the interchange of Interstate 80 and Illinois Route 78, and near U.S. Route 6.
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