Campbell's Island Road Bridge Replacement


Due to its age and frequent usage, Campbell’s Island needed to improve the condition of the sole bridge that provided access to the island. Because it was originally designed and built decades ago, the bridge no longer met current design standards for width. The community also wanted the bridge to offer ample space for people who may be walking or cycling to and from Campbell’s Island.


A 366-foot-long, four-span steel beam structure, the bridge spans a side channel of the Mississippi River. After conducting a structural review, Shive-Hattery determined that the existing solid shaft piers located in the channel were in good condition and suitable for reuse, but the Campbell’s Island Road Bridge deck needed to be replaced to ensure safety and longevity.
Because the existing piers (which originally supported a narrower bridge) were reused, a cantilevered bridge top was designed to accommodate the new structure. This allowed a wider bridge to safely sit on the existing piers.
An evaluation of pedestrian and bicycle traffic determined that the bridge was often used by walkers and cyclists, so a dedicated sidewalk was incorporated into the bridge design as well. The bridge was also widened to adhere to current bridge-width design standards, including shoulders to accommodate bicycle travel.
The profile of the bridge was raised to accommodate beam depths and any potential floodwaters that may head down the Mississippi River in the future. Improvements to 850 feet of approach roadway were also made to accommodate a raised vertical alignment of two-and-a-half feet and a horizontal alignment shift of five feet, including revised horizontal curves in an adjacent intersection.
Offering the only access to and from Campbell’s Island, it was vital that the bridge remain open at all times during construction. Shive-Hattery designed and staged the project so that half of the bridge deck could be removed and replaced while traffic accessed the other half of the bridge with an alternating-traffic stoplight system. Once the first half of the new structure was built, the traffic was moved to the new half of the bridge and work began on the second half.


Providing the only way to and from Campbell’s Island, the Campbell’s Island Road Bridge will remain safe and functional for as long as possible. Now that the bridge deck has been replaced, residents have a structurally sound, wider bridge that offers dedicated pedestrian and bicycle traffic space for the first time.
Thanks to a well-planned, staged construction process, inconvenience to community members was kept to a minimum while allowing work to continue without interruption.
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