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Clive NW 86th Street Bridge Rehabilitation


As one of the major vehicular and commercial links for the Greater Des Moines metro area, NW 86th Street in Clive, Iowa, crosses Walnut Creek with a three-span, 166-foot by 48-foot concrete deck bridge over precast I-beams. Several potholes were beginning to form on the concrete deck surface, and the approach pavement was deteriorating.

The bridge’s pedestrian guardrails were also weakening and not up to current standards, so the City of Clive wanted to replace the railings with an aesthetically pleasing, secure solution before they became a safety issue.


Shive-Hattery was brought on board to first conduct a bridge deck survey to better understand the bridge deck’s condition, damage levels, corrosion potential, possible lifespan, and possible rehabilitation options. Once the results were reviewed with the City of Clive, construction plans were prepared for patching the deck.

The concrete deck was fully rehabilitated by repairing potholes and cracks; an overlay was also applied to seal, protect, and extend the life of the bridge deck while improving its surface. The approach roadways connecting the bridge deck to NW 86th Street were replaced as well.

The guardrails on the vehicle and pedestrian sides of the bridge were completely removed; new railings were installed. Shive-Hattery designed the vehicle and pedestrian railings to blend in with surrounding street features while meeting all required safety criteria for height, visibility, strength, and spacing.


Clive's NW 86th Street helps foster a sense of place for the community, especially since the city doesn’t have an identifiable "Main Street" area. As drivers and pedestrians cross the NW 86th Street Bridge, they can now enjoy the bridge's updated aesthetics, which also meet current safety requirements – without having to worry about potholes, uneven surfaces, or rough rides.

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