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Davenport 2013 & 2015 Bridge Inspections


Every two years, vehicle bridges that are part of the National Bridge Inventory, which is compiled and maintained by the Federal Highway Administration, must be inspected to determine their condition. This inspection data becomes part of the National Bridge Inventory, which records information about U.S. bridges and tunnels with roads passing above or below them.

The City of Davenport was looking for a consultant to inspect its vehicle and pedestrian bridges to stay in compliance with the National Bridge Inventory requirements.


In 2013, Shive-Hattery was selected by the City of Davenport to inspect 41 vehicle bridges (box culverts, concrete beam bridges, steel beam bridges, etc.). Although pedestrian bridge inspections aren’t required by FHA, the City of Davenport also wanted its 30 pedestrian bridges (including the downtown Skybridge, pedestrian bridges on bike trails and golf courses, etc.) to be inspected as well.

Each structure was inspected by Shive-Hattery per Federal Highway Administration guidelines. After all vehicle and pedestrian bridge inspections were completed, the City of Davenport was provided with the findings so they can be used to prioritize repairs. Findings were reported to the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Structure Inventory and Inspection Management System (SIIMS), which tracks condition information for all local and state-owned Iowa bridges.

For one of the city’s newer vehicle bridges, Shive-Hattery performed a load-rating analysis to verify the load (in tons) that a vehicle can impose on the bridge.

Two years later, in 2015, the City of Davenport selected Shive-Hattery to once again provide a thorough inspection of all vehicle and pedestrian bridges to meet National Bridge Inventory and the Iowa Department of Transportation requirements.


By working with Shive-Hattery, the City of Davenport can rest easy knowing that its 41 vehicle bridges are safe and up to date with Iowa Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and National Bridge Inventory requirements.

Although inspections aren’t required for pedestrian bridges, the City of Davenport also knows that the 30 pedestrian bridges scattered throughout the city are safe and structurally sound for use.

Findings from these inspections inform the City of Davenport’s decisions as it plans, budgets, and prioritizes for future bridge repair and rehabilitation work.
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