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Davenport Division Street Bridge Rehabilitation


The City of Davenport knew that the Division Street bridge infrastructure crossing Duck Creek was showing signs of weakening and deterioration, and traffic was only continuing to increase. The structure is a 109-foot-long, three-span steel-stringer bridge with a reinforced concrete deck. The bridge deck was showing signs of corrosion, cracking, and spalling.


After conducting a bridge inspection, including a review of the concrete deck, sidewalks, steel girders, bearings, railings, approach pavement, joints, abutments, and piers, Shive-Hattery determined that the bridge was in need of a complete rehabilitation. A plan was created for the City of Davenport to review, which included each stage of construction so that appropriate preparation could be made for traffic flow. As a main four-lane, north-south thoroughfare through the heart of Davenport, the city wanted to keep Division Street open during all repairs.
Included in the repair plan were a complete replacement of the four-lane bridge deck (including a cantilevered sidewalk at each side) and bearings at abutments and piers, as well as repairs to improve the strength and longevity of the steel superstructure underneath the bridge deck. Repairs to the bridge foundations were required as well.
A bike path on the north side of the bridge, which crosses Division Street through the use of a traffic signal, also needed to be rerouted underneath the bridge to improve biker safety and reduce traffic slowdowns due to cyclists crossing the street. Shive-Hattery created a plan to efficiently and cost-effectively reroute the bike path under the Division Street bridge.


A new bridge deck and bearings, along with repairs to the bridge foundation and steel superstructure, ensure that the Division Street bridge crossing Duck Creek provides safe and comfortable travel for the thousands of vehicles that cross it every day.
With the bike path rerouted through an underpass at the Division Street bridge, traffic continues to move smoothly and bikers don’t have to worry about crossing a busy section of the roadway. This also reduces chances for vehicle-cyclist accidents.
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