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North Liberty Golfview Drive


Golfview Drive in North Liberty, Iowa, had two dead ends, terminating on either side of the CRANDIC Railway, with access only about three blocks from Highway 965 and four blocks from Front Street. It was in the City of North Liberty’s long-term plan to eventually connect them to improve traffic flow and make commuting across town easier.
Once the time came to connect the roadway, the street had to cross Muddy Creek and the CRANDIC Railway within a relatively short, 400-foot section.


Working closely with the CRANDIC Railway and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Shive-Hattery designed a four-cell, 12-foot by 10-foot concrete box culvert that includes a safe railroad crossing and crossing for an existing bike trail that runs parallel with the north-south CRANDIC Railroad. The railway street crossing was designed with a landscape median, which has been found to improve crossing safety to prevent people from driving or walking around gates as trains travel through the intersection.
Hydraulic modeling of Muddy Creek was completed to make sure the box culverts would be large enough to handle the water flow and not hinder waterways. As part of the evaluation, consideration was giving to not only today’s conditions and requirements, but also what could potentially occur upstream of North Liberty many years down the road. As a result, Shive-Hattery chose to design the box culvert for a 500-year storm event to ensure that there won’t be any constrictions in case of flooding.
Shive-Hattery also provided professional services to assist with bidding and administering of construction. 


With this new $1 million east-west collector in place on Golfview Drive in North Liberty, traffic flow has decreased on busier streets, and citizens who live nearby now have an alternative east-west travel route, shortening the amount of time spent in the car.
The Golfview Drive culvert also provides emergency personnel with faster access to properties in times of emergency.
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