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Southpark Mall 44th Street Bridge Rehabilitation


Frequently traveled, the four-lane SouthPark Mall 44th Street bridge was a steel-beam, single-span structure originally built in the early 1970s to accommodate traffic to and from SouthPark Mall on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities. Its bridge deck had been deteriorating for several years, and had gotten to the point where the bridge would need to be shut down if repairs weren’t made quickly.


Because the SouthPark Mall 44th Street bridge serves the main entrance to SouthPark Mall, it receives the most traffic as compared to the alternate mall access points. Due to the bridge’s constant use, it was critical to rebuild the structure as quickly as possible while keeping traffic inconveniences to a minimum.
To accelerate the construction process, Shive-Hattery recommended closing the entire bridge and rebuilding it all at once rather than staging bridge construction to complete one half at a time. This timeline allowed the SouthPark Mall 44th Street bridge to be rehabilitated and reopened in time for the holiday shopping season. During construction, traffic control was in place to route cars around the closed bridge to the next available mall access points.
The entire existing concrete bridge deck was removed and replaced. The existing abutments were left in place, but repairs were made to the bearing plates on either end. Approach-roadway work included the 16th Street connection and traffic signal loops.


With a new bridge deck in place, SouthPark Mall’s main entrance is easier and safer to access. There are no longer concerns or extra costs associated with frequent repairs or shutting the bridge down due to structural deficiencies.
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