Chatsworth Water Plant Improvements

Chatsworth Water Plant Improvements


The Village of Chatsworth was served by a single water treatment facility with existing equipment that had deteriorated beyond serviceable standards and was in need of replacement. A significant challenge was constructing new facilities within the constraints of the existing plant site and available budget, while providing safe drinking water supply to the community.


A three-phased approach to implementing the water treatment improvements was developed to maintain drinking water supply and service to the community. Phase I provided:

  • A new aeration system and settling tank;
  • Temporarily re-located an existing high service pump;
  • Modified chemical dosing for disinfection;
  • Raw and finished water piping modifications; and
  • A partial operating permit from the Illinois EPA to allow the Village to operate with settled and disinfected water during construction.

Phase II included demolition of existing equipment to make-way for the additional improvements, including providing the following new equipment and provisions:

  • Filter to further treat water from the new aeration system and settling tank;
  • Two high service pumps;
  • Multiple chemical storage and feed improvements, including liquid chlorine, polyphosphate, and fluoride;
  • Stand-by electrical generator;
  • Associated electrical, monitoring, and controls; and
  • Final operating permit.

Phase III removed temporary provisions and optimized treatment with the new equipment.

A design-build delivery method was chosen to fast-track the project and a team of Village staff, equipment suppliers, a general contractor, and Shive-Hattery was formed to successfully deliver the project.


From concept to final completion, the Village of Chatsworth implemented a new process treatment train within 11 months and now has a reliable source of drinking water to serve the community. Additionally, the project was delivered under budget – $200 thousand less than the Village’s targeted cost.
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