Heyworth Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Heyworth Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Heyworth Water Treatment Plant Upgrades


The Village of Heyworth, IL water plant had numerous operation deficiencies that had not been addressed on startup in 1998 and had persisted. The Village wanted to address those issues to optimize plant performance, reduce operator time at the plant and reduce operating costs.


Extensive field testing verified problems and helped to validate the proposed solutions. At the completion of testing the high service pump impellers were re-sized to meet the desired performance curves. Prior to the resizing of the pump impellers the Village ran the pumps against a mostly closed valve to simulate the correct dynamic head conditions. The programmable logic controller (PLC) programming was modified and updated to reflect actual operator information needs while the operator interface was updated to a modern touch screen and also had programming modifications to reflect actual operator information needs. New wireless water tower telemetry was installed at both towers along with flow meters and pressure transducers which allow the plant to be run off of local pressures or from the remote tower levels. In the event of a loss of tower telemetry, the PLC automatically enters a fail safe mode relying on distribution pressures.


For the first time since the water plant was first commissioned all of the PLC programming runs based on actual conditions. The water plant energy last efficiency has improved by applying all of the pump capacity toward moving water toward town instead of wasting it by pushing on a closed valve. High service pumps are now controlled by radio telemetry instead of leased copper lines, further saving money. Dangerous situations requiring staff to swap wires to run different wells was corrected along with replacement of a malfunctioning breaker. Plant operators now have more information available to them at the water plant to make better decisions.
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