Lake Iroquois Water Treatment Plant

Lake Iroquois Water Treatment Plant


Lake Iroquois Association is a small private homeowners' association located near a 70-acre lake in Central Illinois. It has 250 homes and 750 residents. The association runs its own water and sewer service and found that the original water plant, which was built in the late 1960s when the original subdivision was developed, was at the end of its life. Filter tanks had rusted through (sometimes spraying water on electrical panels), valves did not function properly, clearance from electrical panels was less than half of what current code requires and treatment capacity was limited to around 100,000 gallons per day. This strained the association's ability to produce enough water to meet demand during the summer months. Funding was limited so a cost-effective, long-term solution was needed.


After evaluating the existing water plant building, it was determined that the building needed to be replaced. In addition to meeting code and process requirements, the association needed to continue to supply water during construction. A new facility built adjacent to the existing building enabled the association to supply safe, high quality drinking water at an affordable price to its residents. The new water treatment facility provided for removal of iron and manganese as well as ion exchange water softening. To ensure an adequate supply of groundwater, a new 280-foot-deep well with a production capacity of over 250 gallons per minute was drilled to supplement the two existing wells.


The new 160 gallon per minute (225,000 gallons per day) facility is fully automated reducing the need for operator attention. It meets both the current and expected future needs of the association. The new facility also has standby power for operation during power outages. The project was financed with a low interest loan from the IL-EPA, keeping water rates affordable. Shive-Hattery helped the association arrange the financing which included a rate study.

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