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Stormwater Resources

Stormwater resources impact businesses and the quality of life in our communities. Creating vibrant communities involves managing stormwater, developing recreational opportunities involving lakes, streams, and rivers and locating buildings and structures so they meet regulatory permit requirements and blend with their surroundings.

Understanding the impact of water and stormwater resources on the natural and built environment is important for project success. Through planning, analysis, and design we can contribute to a project’s success by utilizing best management practices, creating stormwater modeling and providing knowledge of permit requirements.

Timely planning for replacement or removal of aging infrastructure such as dams and storm sewers and restoration of degraded urban and rural waterways enables communities to manage their financial resources and infrastructure efficiently. With Shive-Hattery you get cost effective and context sensitive solutions to stormwater management, lake and dam design, water quality, and floodplain management needs.

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