Asset Management Asset Management

Asset Management

Communities of all sizes must continually deal with aging and deteriorating infrastructure including water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, utility plants and associated facilities. Prioritizing improvements or replacements on limited budgets is not as easy task.

Depending on how many asset types and the level of detail a community wants, we have the tools to develop a user friendly management system that can help prioritize and identify the cost of on-going improvement needs. We can collect data using GPS or use client-provided GIS data to build the inventory with individual asset files. Management plans can be created by observing conditions in the field and using detailed spreadsheets to organize the existing data. By collaborating with you, a methodology is developed for an on-going improvement program that fits the available budget and addresses the needs based on priority.

A strong asset management plan prioritizes replacement needs and identifies opportunities to invest in lower cost rehabilitation techniques prior to failure. This results in better preservation of existing assets.
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