Sanitary Sewer Collection Sanitary Sewer Collection

Sanitary Sewer Collection

Many utility owners struggle with infrastructure that was built up to a hundred years ago. Many of these sanitary sewer collection systems have pipes that are failing, leaking or overloaded which results in costly backups in basements, roadway collapses and increased treatment costs. All of these situations lead to unhappy customers, costly repairs and broken budgets

Taking an inventory of your existing collection system assets, monitoring flows and using nationally accepted rating systems can help you to prioritize your sanitary sewer improvement and establish the impact that a failure would have on the system users. Using this methodology we can help you prioritize the rehabilitation or replacement of key pieces of your system. Regardless of whether it is a direct line replacement or less traditional method such as cured in place liners, chemical grouting or pipe bursting, we will help devise cost-effective, long-term solutions for your maintenance issues.

Eliminating failing pipes and maintaining an infiltration proof sanitary sewer system reduces homeowner claims, maintenance costs, and energy demand allowing you to do more with your limited staff and budget. You will protect your investments and prepare for the future.
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