Water Distribution Water Distribution

Water Distribution

Utility departments must reliably provide plentiful, safe drinking water to their customers day in and day out. The task of meeting these objectives while managing aging infrastructure can be challenging. Utility departments are constantly trying to balance the needs of increasing delivery demand, demand for higher pressures and better water quality with limited budgets, constrained rights-of-way and complex regulations.

Dealing with these complex issues requires specialized skill sets. This may mean developing a utility master plan, conducting a water use audit, or using the latest techniques to solve problems in a cost effective manner. Our experience ranges from designing and permitting challenging river and railroad crossings to using innovative new technology to extend the life of existing infrastructure. One solution includes the use of National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) approved water main liners to eliminate pipe corrosion, span small holes and cracks, add structural integrity to failing pipelines and limit the impact of leadite joints on water quality. Our engineers have also worked with clients to improve energy efficiency at pumping stations to reduce energy usage while improving performance.

Keeping energy costs low and making the best use of capital construction dollars enables utility owners to do more with the same budget. This helps meet customer needs while providing exceptional value and good stewardship of community resources.
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