Davenport River Drive Interceptor Study

Davenport River Dr Interceptor Study


For decades the plant had experienced significant river stage-related high waste water flows. Two parallel large interceptor sewers were thought to be the cause but they had not been inspected for several decades.


A structural and inflow and infiltration (I & I) evaluation on approximately 21,000 linear feet of their two largest interceptors was completed. Interceptor line sizes were 78-inch and 54-inch – both running in the downtown area along River Drive. The project included the following key elements:

  • Survey grade mapping
  • Robotic inspections of the interior of the interceptor pipes and manholes. Data captured included CCTV, 3D scanning laser, Sonar, H25, Dissolved O2, gas and wastewater temperatures.
  • Pipe and manhole assessments
  • Sewer capacity including locations of major I & I sewers
  • Reporting documentation including recommended improvements with cost opinions
Delivered end product also included a GIS based Software package providing electronic retrieval of all inspection data gathered. GIS Data Base was coded to show specific line segments color coded based on their standard PACP codes assigned during CCTV analysis. This allowed the users of the GIS based software package to pull up inspection data (CCTV, PACP Defects, H2S, DO, Gas and Wastewater Temperature, Pipe Corrosion Analysis, Bend Radius Reports and Sonar Debris Estimates).


After data review and analysis, a report was prepared with findings and recommended corrective action.
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