Community Medical Services Clinic Community Medical Services Clinic

Community Medical Services Clinic


When the University of Iowa Medical Services took a new approach to primary care delivery at their clinics located in small towns across Eastern Iowa, they needed new facilities designed to replace existing, outdated medical facilities. These new clinics needed to meet a wide variety medical needs while still maintaining patient privacy and increasing staff efficiency.


Modeled after the prototype River Crossing Clinic—the first of the University of Iowa Community Medical Services facilities Shive-Hattery designed—the Muscatine Clinic covers 20,000 square feet and features a Specialty Clinic, Renal Dialysis Clinic and an Oncology Clinic. This Renal Clinic specifically is unique in its serpentine layout which allows nursing staff to closely monitor patients during their four to six hour treatment three times a week, while allowing the patients the benefit of viewing the beauty of the outdoors through floor to ceiling windows looking out to a natural wooded area. The Muscatine Clinic was also designed with future expansion possibilities in mind.


The new facility meets the growing needs of the Muscatine Community and the U of I Community Medical Services program. Patient privacy has been increased. Waiting times are reduced, which in turn increases patient satisfaction. And as importantly, the medical staff at the Muscatine Clinic are able to work more efficiently. As an added bonus, the Clinic also incorporates many elements of sustainable design.
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