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Mary Greeley Medical Center


Mary Greeley Medical Center is a successful Regional Medical Center located in Ames, Iowa, which is also home of Iowa State University. The hospital shares Ames’ progressive approach to institutional and civic responsibility. By 2009, it had experienced 20 years of constant growth and expansion. The medical center wanted to evaluate its needs, identify opportunities and craft a plan to address and plan for the continued growth and improvement in the delivery of its health care services. Mary Greeley Medical Center needed a frame work to improve delivery of healthcare at the facility; improve image, public access and way finding; and identify a flexible site and building growth strategy to continue delivery of quality care.


The project will be completed in three phases over five years. This renovation and expansion will continue Mary Greeley Medical Center’s legacy of quality delivery care into the next several decades. The medical center will have a new main entrance including Lobby, Gift Shop, Coffee Shop, and Registration and canopy/link to the parking structure. Most of the acute care beds will be relocated; and ancillary services will be relocated and expanded including the Emergency Department, Laboratory and Pharmacy, Administrative Departments and a new Central Energy Plant. Site improvements and exterior amenities were significant components. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns were adjusted to improve ease of access and to facilitate safe movement through the site and to the building. Signage, landscaping and exterior respite areas were all considered. Exterior respite areas are being created at ground level and on the fifth floor as a roof top healing garden to offer patients, visitors and staff quiet areas to enjoy.


Mary Greeley’s plan included several big moves designed specifically to continue its position as a regional leader in providing outstanding health care service. Patients and their families are welcomed with a new warm and inviting look. Patients, visitors and staff can intuitively navigate through a complex modern hospital environment. An exciting and innovative building and site design creates an aesthetically pleasing, calming and comforting, state-of-the-art, efficient and safe environment.

To further the hospital's mission to provide a patient and family friendly environment that promotes health and wellness, the project was designed, constructed and operated in a manner that is environmentally responsible and supports sustainability. This project has obtained LEED Silver Certification.
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