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Scott County YMCA Building Addition and Remodel


The Scott County YMCA Community Center in Bettendorf, Iowa, had experienced lots of growth since it first opened in 2004, and was undergoing an expansion to accommodate more members and decrease the number of people on its ever-growing waiting list.   The addition included two full-size basketball courts and an elevated one-eighth-mile running track. New heating and cooling system design was required to support the new, larger floorplan and the additional square footage.


To provide heating and cooling for the addition, Shive-Hattery designed an air-handling system to regulate and circulate air. Throughout a portion  of the facility, variable air volume (VAV) boxes were redesigned to accommodate the new floorplan. Exposed fabric ductwork was installed to provide uniform temperature and pressure, reduce noise levels, and protect against accidental damage from sports equipment.   Shive-Hattery added two new units and revised  the single existing HVAC unit that originally controlled the temperature in the facility’s open mezzanine. The space was divided for better, more balanced temperature control. The spin room was designed with its own new HVAC unit to address its unique temperature challenges. The open space that originally housed the existing indoor track was sealed off and turned into a group exercise classroom, the HVAC unit in the space was revised to allow for individual temperature control.


With more square footage and larger heating and cooling systems, the Scott County YMCA Community Center can continue to accept more members without worrying about lack of space or uncomfortable temperatures due to overcrowding.   Group exercise classes now have individual HVAC controls in their respective spaces. Everyone using the facility experiences consistent, comfortable temperatures year-round – without being distracted or bothered by the noise of a loud heating and cooling system.

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