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Von Maur Corners at Brookfield


As Von Maur opened its first store in Wisconsin, it wanted to be as efficient as possible with its mechanical systems while still ensuring comfortable temperatures and excellent air quality year-round.
Because there are no dedicated maintenance staff members onsite, Von Maur needed an HVAC system that was efficient, offered low upfront costs, and would be easy to maintain.


As long-time partners, Shive-Hattery works closely with Von Maur on new store designs and remodels, including mechanical system design.
The HVAC system for the Brookfield location was designed to operate efficiently without the need for lots of maintenance. It serves the sales floor with three single-zone variable air volume (VAV) systems that utilize variable frequency drives (VFDs), which ramp the units up and down based on load. This allows Von Maur to scale heating and cooling as needed. If outdoor temperatures are mild, and patron counts are low, running only one rooftop unit can cover the entire sales floor. If outdoor temperatures become more extreme, and the sales floors become busy, all three units can be run. The back-of-house space (fitting rooms, stockrooms, offices, etc.) is served by a separate VAV system.
After noting the improvements seen in existing stores once they converted to LEDs, the decision was made to incorporate LED lighting at the Brookfield location to further reduce HVAC loads and improve energy efficiency. (In one Von Maur location, for example, energy costs were reduced by nearly 50% after an LED conversion.) When LEDs are used in a Von Maur store, HVAC units can be designed up to 60% smaller as compared to traditional lighting systems. Through a building automation system, Von Maur’s director of operations can monitor electrical consumption in real time.
Energy recovery ventilators in restrooms exhaust air out and bring in new air, transferring energy between the two for year-round energy savings. As the ventilators bring in conditioned fresh air, Von Maur can lower minimum outdoor air levels on rooftop HVAC units down to nearly zero.


The mechanical systems incorporated into the Von Maur at The Corners at Brookfield location help the store maintain comfortable, consistent temperatures for shoppers and staff, allowing them to ramp usage up and down as needed.
The systems also help keep energy usage low so that utility savings can be redirected toward other initiatives.
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