Hope Creek Care Center Hope Creek Care Center

Hope Creek Care Center


Like many counties that own and operate aging county skilled care nursing facilities, Rock Island County debated several outstanding issues surrounding Oak Glen Home, located outside of Quad Cities in rural Coal Valley. The aging building infrastructure had become expensive to maintain and several citations had been issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The facilities isolated location, having no public transportation serving the area, made it difficult for residents' family members and visitors, many of whom are also elderly, to get to the facility; it had also become increasingly difficult to get medical care to the facilities residents. The answer the county chose was replacement of the facility, relocating it to a site closer to the Quad Cities, in East Moline


The new 245-bed facility, the Hope Creek Care Center, was constructed on a site located adjacent to a wooded ravine. On a tight schedule due to an agreed upon schedule negotiated with the Illinois Department of Public Health, the project was designed in phases as a fast track project, allowing phased state reviews and an earlier start of construction. The new facility has a Commons Building featuring a Main Street with main lobby and administration, banking center, chapel, dining room, activities center, library, barber/beauty shop and dental office and physical therapy. Located adjacent to the main lobby and main entrance, Main Street serves the needs of the facility and also the community as an outpatient facility.


By moving the Hope Creek Care Center to Rock Island, local residents are now provided with a quality option for nursing home care that is more centrally located and doesn’t offer huge transportation obstacles. The boost in available patient beds is essential in helping the community deal with an aging population in a welcoming environment.

126,000 square feet
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