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Fortune 50 Healthcare Insurance Company – New York


As a growing Fortune 50 healthcare insurance company, this firm needed to expand its business and administration departments in New York City. The staff numbers were increasing rapidly and space was getting tight at their location across the street. This Health Insurance Company needed a fast and effective solution to allow for the employees to stay close by, but also have a space suited to their needs.


With a vacant 17,000-square-foot tenant suite available across the street from the firm’s current location, Shive-Hattery worked to transform the outdated 15th floor into a 21st-century space for the employees to function, expand and collaborate.

The firm’s staff desired a workspace that went beyond the feel of a traditional office and instead reflected the identity of their work. A new lobby, café, and expandable conference area were added along with several collaboration spaces to give the employees endless options to interact however they see fit. Existing concrete floors were left exposed and were complimented by bright clean finishes alongside natural woods.

A mix of open offices and a variety of collaborative spaces allows staff to work in several different modes, whether they’re completing heads-down tasks or collaborating on a new project. The use of color throughout helps break up each office space; each “neighborhood,” made up of between 15 and 30 people, has its own identity that provides orientation within the space and gives each group its own personality.


Occupying the entire floor gives the Fortune 50 healthcare insurance firm more space for its group to continue to expand while staying close by. Employees no longer spend eight hours a day sitting at their desks, but instead get to choose where and how they work to facilitate workflow and productivity.

The project manager from the Fortune 50 healthcare insurance company won the ‘Best Ever’ award for working alongside Shive-Hattery to deliver a beautiful design on time, on budget and beyond expectations.
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