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Grubhub Headquarters Roof Deck


When Grubhub moved into the 21st floor of Burnham Center, its office space came with a 3,000-square-foot private rooftop deck. As one of the few private rooftop decks in Chicago, the company wanted it to redesign it and offer a unique place for employees to spend time. Because the rooftop deck is visible from two conference rooms, it was also important that it capture attention and draw people outside.


To create a rooftop deck that acts as an extension of Grubhub’s office, Shive-Hattery made modifications and improvements to the existing infrastructure. Canopies and custom-designed, structural-steel pergolas offer shade without obstructing views. The addition of a bar provides a place to relax and serve food and beverages. Wireless access and bright red loungers and tables provide comfortable places to sit with laptops, notebooks, or lunch.

To visually connect the rooftop deck to the interior, the exterior EIFS panel system was replaced with a thin-brick system that’s also used on the interior. A custom backlit sign features Grubhub lettering, adding to the company’s brand identity.

Shive-Hattery also designed an overflow space that connects to the entrance of the rooftop deck. With a moss wall, greenery, and access to natural light, it helps employees maintain a connection with the outdoors during the winter months when the rooftop deck isn’t used.


Grubhub’s newly renovated rooftop deck accommodates all types of activities. With wireless access, a TV, a bar area, and lounge furniture, it’s constantly in use for work, meetings, phone calls, lunch, and after-hour social events. Touring the rooftop deck has become the highlight for potential employees and new hires. Once they see the space, they want to spend more time there.
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