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HealthLinc Medical Office Interiors


Experiencing rapid growth since earning Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status a decade ago, the HealthLinc Hilltop Neighborhood Facility was providing affordable healthcare for patients from nine counties. With a 12-fold increase in patient encounters, its existing clinic was at (and beyond) capacity, and the tight site didn’t have room for a building expansion.

To meet the growing community’s healthcare needs, the clinic needed more space – and a design that would improve patient services, accessibility, and comfort. But before the project could get started, the HealthLinc Hilltop Neighborhood Facility needed to develop capital funding for the project.


Shive-Hattery first worked with HealthLinc to create the necessary documentation for a $5 million HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) grant for capital funding.

Once the funds were secured, a 17,000-square-foot, abandoned warehouse space two miles north of the existing clinic was identified as the new site. Offering convenient patient access and more square footage than the existing clinic (especially after a 5,000-square-foot addition), the facility allowed for a full-service clinic that provides all medical needs. Patients can now visit the HealthLinc clinic to see a doctor, optometrist, dentist, or pharmacist.

The Valparaiso facility offers primary health services, as well as behavioral, dental, and ophthalmology care; a full pharmacy; and community meeting and education space, all housed under one roof. Three times larger than the existing facility, the new building was designed with 23 medical rooms, four behavioral rooms, 12 dental rooms, and two optometry rooms to cater to community members.

The interior materials selected by Shive-Hattery for use throughout the space are very warm, incorporating wood tones and decorative panels. The lobby features an aquarium and a kids’ play area for young patients to have fun while waiting.


The new HealthLinc Valparaiso clinic now has 20,000 square feet of much-needed space. With this renovation and expansion, the clinic is now able to care for an additional 6,000 patients each year. Because of this patient increase, HealthLinc staff counts are predicted to grow by more than 50%.

This additional space means that Valparaiso community members now have access to a comprehensive array of healthcare services and specialties – all under one roof. The design and size of the facility gave HealthLinc the ability to make one of its long-time dreams come true: to pool the knowledge, experience, and dedication of great healthcare professionals and community leaders into one comprehensive health clinic.
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