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Moody Bible Institute Culbertson Hall


Create a "one-stop-shop" that would consolidate staff, currently dispersed across multiple campus buildings, making it easier for students to find and interact with the departments that make up student services also create a "home-away-from-home" space where they could study, relax, and interact.

To complete the “one-stop-shop” feel for students, there was also a need for a “home-away-from-home” space where they could study, relax, and interact.


Shive-Hattery worked with Moody Bible Institute to identify an existing building – Culbertson Hall – located at the center of campus for this project. The building needed renovation to lighten the space, remove outdated materials and provide additional space.

By enclosing a two-story covered porch Shive-Hattery was able to recapture 1500 square feet of underutilized space on the first floor and turn it into a facility that can be used for donor events, student activities, lounge and study areas.

Wood-clad columns of the double-height space frame the view to the outdoors, providing a connection to the plaza area. Finishes and light fixtures were incorporated to give off a hospitality vibe. and the two-story fireplace serves as a feature and comfortable gathering hub of the space.

The second floor, accessed by a new glass and steel stair, was transformed into “Moody Central,” with office space for student services staff. Designed as a one-stop service area, it features a bright, open lobby and reception area where students and family members are greeted and services provided.


Repurposing the first floor of Culbertson Hall gives students a social center and a commons area in which to relax and spend time; it also provides an impressive space for donor events.

The second floor centralizes student services departments, making Moody Bible Institute staff more efficient and preventing students from traveling all over campus to complete certain tasks.
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