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Von Maur Quail Springs Mall Store Remodel Interiors


With an opportunity to expand into the Oklahoma City market, Von Maur secured a two-story space in the Quail Springs Mall. As a high-end anchor store, Von Maur wanted its design to draw customers in and offer a unique shopping experience.

Throughout the years, Shive-Hattery has helped Von Maur update its image through subtle interior-design changes. Although the same overall look is incorporated from store to store, Von Maur also likes to create custom pieces and designs unique to each location. For its Quail Springs Mall location, it wanted to continue its iconic look while updating it to reflect the changing tastes of shoppers.


Because Von Maur was new to Oklahoma, Shive-Hattery helped create a design that piques curiosity and pulls people from center court deep into the store. Knowing that interest in online shopping continues to grow, Shive-Hattery wanted to create a destination that would encourage people to come visit the store in person.

A focus on silver metals and modern, geometric-patterned fabrics and wallcoverings complete an updated color scheme that includes specialty shades of navy blue and white.

Each department – shoes, juniors, women’s, etc. – is custom designed by Shive-Hattery, featuring sales walls of different lengths and sizes, specialty wood moldings and fixtures, cabinets, and casework. To reflect the tastes of shoppers and individually define each space, the men’s department features a traditional dark cherry wood; the women’s department features white custom dentil moldings and arched openings. The juniors’ department showcases whitewashed brick, with trendy mahogany wood tones. The contemporary department shows off a warm maple wood. This approach also improves wayfinding, making it easy for shoppers to move throughout the store and identify where they need to go to find certain items. Floor materials for each department were designed to complement sales walls, featuring a mix of carpet and wood-toned floors.

Shive-Hattery also helped Von Maur place and appropriately display iconic fixtures and features throughout the store to further identify and differentiate each department: a motorcycle in the concepts department and an antique phone booth in the juniors’ department, for example.

To reflect the feel of a high-end home, the shoe department features two flat-screen TVs bordered by custom woodwork molding and a comfortable seating area for people accompanying shoppers to the store. Fireplaces are also located throughout the store on certain sales walls.


As a high-end anchor store in the Quail Springs Mall, Von Maur’s design offers an experience that differs from other retailers. By creating a unique feel in each one of its departments, Von Maur’s Oklahoma City location brings a new type of upscale experience for local shoppers and creates a destination that encourages people to visit the store in person instead of making purchases online.
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