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RSM Seattle


With locations in 30 U.S. states, each RSM office has its own design personality to reflect the local area while also following appropriate corporate brand guidelines. With Seattle’s strong sense of place, RSM wanted to infuse a sense of community pride into its Seattle location.

The company planned to install a piece of artwork that represented Seattle, but weren’t sure how or where to incorporate it into the office space.


With two screen walls separating the break room and conference room, RSM initially wanted to hang a framed piece of artwork on one of these walls – but staff members liked the combination of privacy and transparency the walls offered, and didn’t want to cover them completely. After brainstorming potential ideas with Shive-Hattery, however, the decision was made to invest in unique, one-of-a-kind artwork that would make a big impact and integrate well with the space without compromising the combination of privacy and transparency.

One-of-a-kind artwork was created to install directly onto the wall screens, still offering transparency while also providing visual interest. Inspiration was pulled from local landmarks (harbors, mountains, ferries, and the Space Needle, for example) to create two graphics: an abstract, colorful mountain collage using RSM’s company colors, and a Seattle skyline silhouette in a frosted film. The transparent nature of these graphics provides visual privacy while still allowing light to filter through.

To make sure all staff members were on board with the artwork design, Shive-Hattery worked closely with RSM to create several concepts and sketches, making adjustments as needed based on feedback.


After the success of the RSM Seattle branding project, other RSM offices are now interested in creating their own custom artwork with local flair to invoke a sense of place.

The transparent graphics created for RSM’s Seattle location deliver the desired combination of privacy and transparency while also providing visual interest.
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