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Materials Testing

Construction material testing involves the observation and testing of the structural components used in new and existing structures. Organizations like AASHTA, ACI and ASTM create and publish numerous standards and specifications for material testing. ASTM International alone houses over 12,000 different standards and many of them are altered each year. Due to this ever changing industry there is an ongoing struggle to maintain and enforce these standards and specifications during construction.

A construction representative is responsible for being knowledgeable in material testing standards and specifications. When on site, a third party should observe, test and record the materials placed and provide quality assurance documentation throughout the construction phase to ensure that global standards and the engineer’s specifications are followed and executed correctly.

When your project involves complex plans, challenging specifications and cannot afford the slightest deviation in quality, you need an onsite materials representative to deliver timely observation, accurate test results, and cost effective recommendations throughout the entire construction phase of your project. Having this information throughout the construction allows the opportunity to make design changes, or replace materials prior to the completion of a project if standards are not met.
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