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Roof Design Services

When a roof comes to end of its life or an area needs to be replaced, selecting the right materials and contractors are important decisions. Manufacturers are constantly making product changes and if you are not up to speed you may choose a material that is not compliant with local codes and building requirements.

After a thorough analysis, our roof design team will develop proper reroofing specifications, detailed construction drawings and contract documents to your needs. You will receive roofing system choices designed to the need of the building and ensure that wind uplift requirements, vapor retarder, air barrier, vapor barrier, drainage and tapered insulation requirements are all met.

Already hired roof design services? Our roof design team can review existing designs to ensure local building codes and requirements are met.

You will have a complete analysis which clearly outlines the roofing system options and logistic requirements for the bidding phase. With proper roof design services you can maximize the life expectancy of your roof and lower life cycle costs.
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