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Jon Bailey, PLS, Land Surveying & Construction Services Leader "One thing that is fun about being a Professional Land Surveyor is that although you are usually surveying a piece of property for a future use, you need to know the property’s past. When dealing with retracing boundaries, the parcel’s history as to how it was created, evidence of monuments set at property corners, and legal principals all play a role in determining the boundary. It is not just about measurements. Understanding all of these concepts is difference between a Professional Land Surveyor and a technician."

Jon Bailey, PLS, Land Surveying & Construction Services Leader

The surveying team provides a wide range of surveying services from locating property or boundary lines to the layout of a new highway. Surveying technology includes integrated drone solutions, GPS systems, robotic total stations and 3D scanning. Surveying is not simply about making measurements, it requires knowledge of legal, engineering and construction principles. Our team of surveyors is experienced in each of these areas and is willing to assist you with whatever your needs are.

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