Bob Furgeson

Vice President/Office Director
Bloomington, IL

My youth revolved around agriculture on our family farm. I spent many hours learning to raise food crops, nurturing livestock and caring for the environment. These values have guided my evolving career from agricultural to engineering, sales, marketing and Office Director. The past 30+ years have given me the opportunity to manage the day-to-day operations of the Bloomington, Illinois, design office while supporting the development and growth of our talented professionals.

The most exciting and rewarding aspects of my job are coaching, mentoring and supporting my staff's success and helping them be the best professionals and client servants they can possibly be. I truly enjoy watching our professionals grow, lead, engage clients and provide expert guidance for their projects. Over time, their skills and passions will evolve into their own personalized, successful careers.

The architecture and engineering fields are extremely rewarding. Technology is advancing project design tools and construction methodologies at a rapid pace. Helping our teams be the best at using people skills and technical knowledge is at the very heart of building successful project teams and delivering client satisfaction. This benefits our community, clients and employees.