Public Safety Center

Operating out of an undersized facility built in 1941 that didn’t meet life safety requirements, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Albia Police Department had significant security concerns in terms of the building’s functionality. Its existing configuration didn’t allow for direct observation, so staff were reliant on surveillance cameras to monitor the inmates. Shive-Hattery provided comprehensive design, schematics, and graphics materials for a public awareness campaign to help the community understand law enforcement needs and the proposed solution: a new facility.

Once voters approved the proposal, Shive-Hattery moved forward with the design of a 16,056 square foot shared facility for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Albia Police Department. The facility allows interaction when necessary. Shared amenities include evidence storage and processing areas, breakroom, fitness room and locker areas.

Staff can directly observe all inmate housing areas through a single control center without the need for cameras. Mirrored glazing allows officers to see into the areas, while inmates are able to see out. Providing 24 beds, the Monroe County Public Safety Center nearly doubled their inmate capacity. A security electronics system operates doors, utilities and cameras. In case of a power loss, built-in redundancies allow for uninterrupted operation. With these controls in place, the facility can be run by one person if needed, allowing for greater flexibility in staff scheduling. A variable air volume system utilizing DX cooling and high-efficiency boilers for heating was selected to provide heating, cooling and ventilation throughout the facility.



TYPE: Public Safety Facility with Public Site Amenities

ROLE: Complete Design Services

COST: $5.2M